013 Sideweight Radio – Balancing Consistency & Spontaneity

If you’re like me, cravings for both a comfortable home and the open road exist inside you. Competing desires of consistency and spontaneity can feel confusing. How do we ever find satisfaction?

Balancing Consistency & Spontaneity

“You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one.”
– Tom Kite

In this podcast we will talk about our competing desires, consistency & spontaneity. Understanding our long term goals will help us choose defaults that give us satisfaction.

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Basic Human Needs

In his TED Talk on the 6 Basic Needs, Tony Robbins includes certainty and uncertainty in his list. We each have a sweet spot for our ideal amount of excitement.

Some people are home bodies. Others can’t sit still in one place. Figure out where you fall on the spectrum.

Defaults: The Secret to Balancing Consistency & Spontaneity

Default –
a preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer.

When we take decision making out of the process, we free ourselves to perform at higher levels. Design your defaults to fit your long term vision of your journey. Doing so will help you enjoy greater levels of happiness and impact.

Resolve Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is when the mind holds two opposing beliefs. Any area of cognitive dissonance exposes us to being influenced by another person’s will.

With a strong default, we can rest assured that we are choosing something that makes us better.

Option, Not Obligation

The human mind dislikes too many choices. The human mind also dislikes being given no choice. We like to have options.

Compare your experience at Chipotle with a New York deli. Looking at the variety a NY deli’s menu provides, my brain goes into overload and wants to abort the mission. Whereas, Chipotle’s simple menu keeps a nice rhythm of snappy choices.

Decrease Required Willpower

Every choice takes will. The key to productivity is to save the will for the big choices.

In Sum

Closing Comments

1. I am excited to announce my first book is coming soon!

2. I, like you, am exploring my own true self throughout the Great Adventure. The Mystery of Life maintains my sense of wonder.

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