017 Sideweight Radio – How to Build a Successful Team

I don’t know how to build a successful team, but Tim Larew does. Learn how in this week’s podcast…

“They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.”
– Vince Lombardi

In this podcast, Tim Larew and I discuss how to build a successful team. This will help you still achieve success when the vision become bigger than you can accomplish alone.

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How to Build a Successful Team

Raise the Standard

Notice throughout the interview, Tim talks about raising the bar and being amongst the best of the best. Doing this helps people see a potential beyond themselves and stay motivated to achieve it.

Trust People

The foundation of all team building is trust. As long as you work on your craft, you will meet people working on their own craft. Eventually, you find yourself around people you care about who have the skills to make a vision come together.

Help People See Their Potential

As a leader, Tim consistently expresses a knack for encouraging people. When he sees a potential that’s greater than people see for themselves, he makes sure they recognize potential of their own abilities. This type of leadership helps people carry themselves with the positive energy necessary to succeed.

Set Goals

Michael started to experience a buzz when he got posted by Complex. Tim helped him make the vision more tangible when Christmas had to write down his goals. Within a year, the team accomplished all of Michael’s goals with the exception of three videos above 50,000 views (at 48,000 views, Daily was the only one under 50K). Writing down goals seemed to act as a turning point for the team.

Do a Lot of Work

Tim tells us that they constantly work on their craft. In talking with guys like Dom Kennedy, he learned how many throwaway pieces artists have. The team recognized that of five songs only on would be a keeper. The team made over 70 songs when they were building Christmas’ 16 track mixtape, Is this Art?

Everyone Matters

People are our greatest asset. You never know who will end up having a huge impact. Care about people and your craft then doors suddenly open themselves for you.

Take Shit Really Really Seriously

See yourself where you want to be and don’t just do it for show. Actually believe that shit, and see the steps it took.

Also, when describing patters amongst successful teams like Most Dope and Save Money, Tim says, “Everyone on the team takes things as serious as the one who takes it the most serious.”

In Sum

What did I learn from interviewing Tim?

Effective teams have a foundation of trust. They see where they want to be. They set goals and do a lot of work to achieve them. They recognize that everyone matters, and everyone takes their role as serious as the next person.

While the principles might seem basic, putting them into practice is the real challenge.

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