Spotlight – Moe Pope

Moe Pope is no stranger to the Spotlight. This back-to-back winner of Best Hip Hop Artist at the Boston Music Awards has taken the stage countless times. Let’s look at how Moe turned his home base into a launchpad…


In this post, I will share a quick background on Moe Pope. Then we will examine how he rocked his hometown. Lastly, I will share three of his creations with you.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how rocking your hometown leads to staying power. As an example, Moe Pope shows us how we can turn our home base into a launchpad.

Background on Moe Pope

I remember first seeing Moe perform at a basement party. Despite the budget constraints of college, Moe managed to make cheap sound systems and beers feel good. I became an instant fan.

The reason I wandered into that basement was that my friend suggested we go watch him.

Since that first performance I saw, I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a friendship with Moe. Not only is he a great emcee, but he is also a great guy.

Having gotten a chance to watch him work as a creative for some time now, I realize the biggest factor in Moe Pope’s success. He rocks his hometown.

Rock Your Hometown

When it comes to rocking your hometown, focus on developing two core relationships. The venues and collaborators you connect with will determine your future opportunities.


Each town has spots where the culture lives. Find the locations where the culture surrounding your dominant talent and core interests is alive and well.

You’ll know you are in the right place when you feel a sense of history in the making.

Moe makes it a point to be present and and do what he does best at the many local venues, regardless of prestige.

Showing up is the first step of rocking your hometown.


Team up with other people who rock your hometown.

Artists with similar tastes and fan bases are great. So are artists with different tastes and fan bases. Find the people putting themselves out there and making something of their existence.

Similar artists will help grow your core fan base quickly.

Different artists will expose you to new audiences.

Remember, quality over quantity.

Moe Pope has teamed up with local emcees like REKS and Dua Boakye as well as choreographers, directors, and photographers.

Collaborating helps you both grow your base and gain the needed credibility to blast off.

3 Pieces of Art to Get You Started

What You Need

This video shows Moe rock the legendary Wilbur Theater in Boston. Many legends from Trailer Park Boys to Kendrick Lamar have performed here. Moe will rock all over Boston whether it be a basement, clothing store, or legendary theater.


Moe believes in art. He collaborates a wide variety of creative people from the local community. He trusts the creative capabilities of others and gives them freedom to enhance his skills. Watch what these dancers do to add visuals for his song with The Architype.

Spit vs. Ramo

This track features REKS and Dua Boakye. REKS is a Boston local who has collaborated with DJ Premier. Dua Boakye is a member of the Boston band, Bad Rabbits. This demonstrates how Moe teams up with other people also rocking their shared hometown and increases his impact.


Question: What venues does your hometown have for you to rock? Who else is rocking your hometown? You can leave a comment below.

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