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Now, we direct our attention to Niko Is. This gentleman doesn’t even need the spotlight because he has his own glow. Let’s examine his shine.

Niko Is Music

Niko Is offers insights on taking the risk to be yourself through his lyrics and actions.

First, I share a little background on Niko Is. Then, I highlight 3 Key Reasons for Niko Is’ Success. From there, I get you familiar with some of his artwork.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you with the story of somebody realizing his true self and to give you lessons you can apply on your own journey.

Background on Niko Is

I first met Niko when I was home for summer before my sophomore year of college. At the time he was making music with a group called Great People. The instant I met him I could tell that he was on to something.

Niko Is based in Orlando, by way of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He earned himself a reputation at Dr. Phillips High School for being able to kick mean freestyles.

Since then Niko chose to take his craft seriously. The moniker, Niko Is, allows him to continually explores the many facets of his personality.

Niko has been putting out project after project, the most recent being Good Blood.  The consistency of time and energy he pours into his craft has won him support from hip-hop heavy hitters like Talib Kweli and DJ Smallz.

3 Key Reasons for Niko Is’ Success

1) Time.

Niko Is putting in the time and doing it. To many, his success may appear to be overnight. However, over the last three years of knowing Niko, it is obvious that he tirelessly studies and practices his craft.

“I just do it like two singers.” – Niko Is, Ballon d’Or

2) Energy.

You should stick with what you enjoy, what you find funny — that’s the humor that will be the strongest, and that will transmit itself. Rather then trying to find out what the latest trend is, you should do what is personally interesting.

Do what you love.

– Niko Is

Niko Is a master of energy. He displays a clear understanding of the energy exchange that is life. He focuses on his strengths and maximizes the energy of whatever room he enters. He does so with authenticity.

The importance of authenticity cannot be overemphasized. Authenticity makes space for deeper interactions and wins fervent support.

“An outer body experience through the after life
And see my mind, body and soul feel magnetized
They are one with each other, I keep attracting light
I’m on the right track when I rap, I’m passing satellites” Niko Is, Tao and Zen

3) Consistency.

Without consistency, an artist gets nowhere. Taking the time to be a student of the game and using strengths to maximize energy only works when the artist maintains this path consistently.

Fans and creative partners alike want someone they can count on. Once the people can count on you, the lane has been paved.

“Just craving the crave, so the team stay in the cave
Find amazing ways to say the same phrase every day
Dazed and amazed at the wave that I gave and the way I behave
Boi it’s safe to say I paved my lane in the game” – Niko Is, The Cravings

3 Pieces of Art to Get You Started

Ballon d’Or

This record shows Niko’s versatility and willingness to experiment. From 90’s hip hop to southern bounce with breezy Brazilian melodies in the middle, I love how the beat and flow change at 1:54. Artists can only display such versatility if they have been students of the game.

The Raw

This track showcases his pure lyricism. The lyric video helps illustrate the depth of his vocabulary, the intellect of his wordplay, and his wide range of imagery. Clearly playing with words is his strong suit.

“Lifeted off that pineapple tie, I feel like Socrates
Drinking Guava tea, talking transcendental philosophies.” – Niko Is

Back to Basics

Here you watch Niko flex his organic freestyle skills in multiple languages. This natural strength took Niko Is from the school lunchroom to rhyming with Talib Kweli, a living legend of hip hop. From high school to today, Niko consistently performs from strength and does what energizes him.

Question: Who would you want to recognize your creative gifts? What can you start doing now that will increase the chances of that happening?


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