Boston’s Hip Hop CommUNITY

Boston has an incredible amount of talent. For whatever reason, very few hip hop artists have broken to gain national attention in recent years. My buddies at The Fresh Heir and The Collab Projekt want to change that, so they organized the 12for12 project.


The 12for12 officially launched Saturday, June 9th 2012.

The formula is simple enough.

Boston + Hip Hop + Unity + Innovation = Solidarity

The good folks at the Green Street Vault and Annie Mulz have been kind enough to given us hooligans  their blessings to host hip hop events at their pop-up shop on Newbury. So far we’ve had two gatherings, and trust when I say everybody in the room has kept the vibes alive. The energy  feels palpable for all who have attended. Both times we enjoyed extremely dope ciphers, we have another cipher, which will feature the GSV van, planned for tomorrow.

The 12for12 includes:

  • Alage
  • Avenue
  • Big Dee
  • Black El
  • Caliph
  • Charmingly Ghetto
  • D-Note
  • Dutch Rebelle
  • Moe Pope
  • Natural
  • Reem
  • Soupa

Check out the cipher footage from the launch party. Decriminals holding down the visuals.