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  • I Found the Best Dance Party in Orlando!

    This Saturday I found the best dance party in Orlando! I couldn’t be any more excited about finding the local Brazilian Funk loving scene 🙂  

  • Staying in Touch

    Staying in Touch

    Staying in touch has become easier than ever. Yet, many of us let friendships become distant memories. How can we keep our friendships thriving?

  • Taking the Jump

    Taking the Jump

    In 2015, I am taking the jump. I will become a full time creative, and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

  • VLOG: New Orleans Adventures

    Join Brothers on a Journey and myself on these New Orleans adventures. Discover the WOW Man, the Cowboy Pimps, and the haunted Myrtle Plantation.

  • 015 Sideweight Radio – How to Be a Hero

    Many people hit quicksand on the journey to greatness. What is the best way to regain or maintain our momentum?

  • Why I Only Took a Backpack on a Trip Across America

    My family and friends thought I was crazy when I told them I want to only take a backpack. I did it anyway, and here’s what I found…

  • 5 Inspiring Documentaries

    Documentaries teach us about the world and our place within it. A good documentary will make you laugh, cry, and think. The purpose of this post is to expose you to 5 inspiring documentaries that will make you a better person…

  • Spotlight – Jake Jorgovan

    Would you like to travel the world while running your own business that lets you do what you love? Jake Jorgovan does just that. Let’s take a look into how he has established a successful creative career for himself…

  • Introducing the Spotlight

    I come across a lot of cool people. Somehow I find myself rubbing elbows with variety of unique characters doing epic stuff. That being said, I feel a need to introduce these people to others. So, here’s what I’m going to do…


    Imagine creating a blog. You paid for the domain name, web-hosting, and design. You set it all up. You put in the time to write content. All of a sudden life got in the way of blogging. The audience waned. So did your will to create. Next thing you know, you’re blog is dead.