Staying in Touch

Staying in touch has become easier than ever. Yet, many of us let friendships become distant memories. How can we keep our friendships thriving?

Staying in Touch


My goal in this post is to explain how I plan to rekindle, foster, and cultivate my friendships. In turn, I hope you become inspired to reach out to some long lost pals. You never know where it may lead.

Staying in Touch

One of my closest friends has an uncanny ability to talk your ear off and keep you laughing all the while. Whether face to face or on the phone, he is always talking to someone. He’s an interesting character because he genuinely cares about people and building strong friendships wherever he goes.

In observing him do his thing, I noticed two things he does extremely well.

1. His conversations revolve around what is new and exciting from one another’s perspective.
2. His frequent exchanging of updates and laughs becomes a constant conversation.

New and Exciting

Wondering what is new and exciting in a friend’s life gives them an opportunity to share what is important to them at that moment. This enables many moments of shared excitement and laughter. Also, this enables us be better friends because this conversation brings to light our priorities. With an understanding of our friends’ priorities, we become more apt to share opportunities where we can help them achieve what they feel is important.

Constant Conversation

Periodically calling and checking what’s new and exciting helps to better understand our friends’ journeys. We can be more empathetic, helpful, and open with the people in our lives.

How do I plan to develop this constant conversation?

Two steps will get the ball rolling.

I will:

1. Make a list of people who are important to me.
2. Experiment with measurable goals that fit comfortably with my lifestyle.

My measurable goal is to call 10 friends/month to start.

This may or may not be sustainable. Experimentation will determine that. The goal is to find a routine that works comfortably my lifestyle. You might find other triggers or intervals suit you better (i.e. call someone every long drive, call a friend/week, call someone on your days off, etc).


In sum, make a list of the people who matter to you. Experimentation is necessary to find a routine that gets you consistently calling your friends and catching up.  Focus the conversation on what is new and exciting in each of your personal experiences. You will discover stories, and priorities, and opportunities that bring you closer as friends. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a phone and call a long lost pal! Share excitement and laughter.


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