Feel Your Way

Life stories exist in the fourth dimension. Yet as beings, we interact with the third dimension. We blindly make our way into the future. How do blind people make their way through space?

Stevie Wonder

They feel.

When you can not see where you are going, you have to feel where you are going.

In her book The Firestarter Sessions, Danielle LaPorte ignites your passion for living. She puts the fire under your ass that gets you up and doing what makes you feel how you want to feel.

Early in the book, Danielle makes you write down how you like to feel. After an intensive brainstorm, read through what you wrote and circle the feelings that stand out to you. Continue narrowing the list down. Consult the dictionary and determine the fundamental meaning of the words. Sleep on it.

When you have three to five emotions that you want to feel throughout your life, write them down and put them in a place that will cause you to pause and reflect as you start each new day. Contemplate the effect each decision will have on your enjoyment of these emotions.

After doing this drill, I narrowed down my four feelings to magical, inspiring, wonderful, enlightening. However, after several months I recognized that my emotions seemed redundant. Magical and wonderful describe similar feelings. As well, inspiring and enlightening seemed a little too closely related. I determined how to adjust my list after reading the first chapter of How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling and revisiting my initial brainstorm.

Everyday, I aim to experience magic, excitement, abundance, and enlightenment.

What feelings will determine how you live your life?

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