Get Weird

One time in a Sociolinguistics class, the professor told us to go out and defy a common social convention. How did she she suggest we go about this?


Walk into an elevator with strangers in it, press the appropriate floor button, then turn back and face them.

The people begin to squirm. Us modern folk have become accustomed to walking into an elevator, hitting the button for our floor, and facing forwards towards the doors. We also expect others to do the same. When in an elevator with strange people, we’re normally looking at cold metal or a cold shoulder. Instead, if you turn to the back and face the people, then you create a face to face interaction most of them won’t be expecting. Right then, you have created the perfect opportunity to make yourself comfortable with discomfort. Jump into the unknown. Face fear. Embrace absurdity. Suspend judgement. Develop your confidence. Think different. Do what you think is right. Get weird.

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