Make Me Like Mike

Today is my birthday. This marks the conclusion of the 22nd year of my life and the beginning of the 23rd year of my life. As Steve Miller puts it, time keeps on slipping into the future. With each passing moment I become closer and closer to myself.

Michael-Jordan-Dunk-WallpaperFor some time, I wanted to be like my idols. Now, I have chosen just to be me. I only lead if I follow my own feet and enjoy life at my own speed. I am now taking my time and following my curiosity and passion.

I am right where I need to be.

For many friends, it might seem odd to you that for this next year I will be on a short leash. For the coming year I will not be doing any drugs, even those not typically categorized as drugs like alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, nicotine, etc. As a college graduate, I feel the pressure to self-actualize and transcend from adolescence into adulthood. I must be my own man. I will be doing this for my health and wealth. I know where I see myself heading. To actualize this vision requires determination and discipline. I went out with a bang in Cancun this past weekend with my best friend from high school and my best friend from college. I understand many people might perceive my motivation for the decision as drugs being too much for me. In my perception, the drugs aren’t enough. I have an inherent need to grow, learn, and connect with other human begins.

In the end of college, I experienced a great deal of anxiety. I resisted the reality coming upon me. The resistance created a great deal of tension since everything has an equal and opposite reaction. I focused too much on what I didn’t want and not enough on what I did want in life. Since graduation, summer began and I starting working at a hotel. The experience has been humbling. I have learned more in just a few weeks at the hotel than I have in a good while. Doing so, I realized my need for immersive learning experiences. I have taken the time to decide what I will be learning and applying concentrated effort towards.

Movement. Positivity. Music. Words. Rhythm. Jiu Jitsu. Dance. Comedy. Acting. Magic. Performance. Media. Languages. Travel. Exploration. Experience. Wonder. Learning. Lucid dreaming. Enjoyment. Enlightenment. Entrepreneurship. Hospitality. Sharing. Sideweight.

My aim in this life is to create a world of wonder, similar to that of Walt Disney World, for people (particularly young adults) to experience. I believe life is all about paradigms on paradoxes. Perspectives govern reality. I choose to follow the esoteric illuminations in order to express my inner magic. I know the way I relate in this world connects universally. I feel I’m here for something special. So, in the 23rd year of my life, I shall come closer to my excellence. In the process, I shall share my essence and lessons with you.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from BU is be you.

When I see myself in the mirror, I tell my mirror image, “Make me like Mike.”

To ∞ and beyond…